Understanding Dental Sealants

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If you’re thinking about improving your oral health care through the use of an interdental cleaning tool or with a toothbrush, you are right on track. Make sure you clean all areas and sides of your teeth and gums, as it is essential for keeping your smile safe. However, there are several other preventive measures you can take to keep your teeth and gums cleaned. This doesn’t mean you should ever stop brushing and flossing because they are essential treatments. However, to supplement your oral health, why not try dental sealants.

Dental sealants are protection treatments that can help prevent tooth decay. They work by painting a thin coating directly over the chewing surfaces of teeth to help prevent erosion that would normally occur to your tooth enamel. These can help prevent risks associated with harmful acids that would normally chew through your enamel and leave you susceptible to cavities.

Making a better smile includes protecting your current one. Through the use of a dental sealant application, you can drastically lower your risk for several forms of erosion and tooth decay that often arise within an individual’s mouth. If you are suffering from plaque buildup due to a poor diet or poor oral hygiene, dental sealant applications are a highly recommended option to keep your smile safe. Dental sealants have been proven helpful for children who are at an increased risk of dental damage. They are safe to use and can lower your risk of cavities by as much as 80%. No matter your age, dental sealants can be a highly effective option to keep your smile safe from the risk of erosion and tooth decay.

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