Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Tooth Hazard Prevention

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Have you gone over your diet to ensure the foods and drinks you are consuming are safe for your smile? Because your teeth are extremely vulnerable to damage and they are the only set you will get after your adult teeth permanently grow in, it is a good idea to be prepared for any dental damage that can arise and do everything you can to keep your smile safe for the rest of your life. By having a tooth hazard prevention checklist, you can assess the risks that can pop up in your life.

Are you aware of the risks of opening products with your teeth? Even though it may seem like an easy to operate function for your teeth to pop off bottle caps and tear through plastic packaging, under no circumstances should you be using your teeth for these tasks. This can cause severe dental damage and lead to oral health accidents and injuries.

It is important to understand the risks associated with your diet. If products are generally unsafe for your waistline, then they will probably also be harmful to your gum line. Typically, starchy foods and sugary sweets can easily damage your mouth. These are significant tooth hazards because your body can convert these substances into harmful acids which will cause dental erosion and cavities through tooth enamel wear.

To keep your smile safe from tooth hazards, avoid snacking throughout the day. Snacking is known to decrease saliva, which can help wash away food debris and neutralize acids. Snacking can also increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur. Thus, avoid snacking between meals.

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