How to Care for Your Smile During Basketball Season

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Are you a basketball player? If so, you’re probably focused on conditioning, improving your shot, and working on defense. You’re probably not focused on your smile, right? Well, you should be. Little did you know, your smile could be in grave danger while you play basketball if you’re not careful. So, it’s important to properly care for your smile each day at practice and games. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Bryce Searle, has some tips.

First, wear a mouthguard. This is very important if you want to maintain a strong and healthy smile. A mouthguard can protect your teeth and gums if you ever suffer a blow to the face, which is very likely because of the high contact involved in basketball. If you don’t wear a mouthguard, you can suffer an oral injury, like chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth. You could also harm your gums and even your tongue. So, please wear a mouthguard during practice and games.

Second, avoid sports drinks, like Gatorade and Powerade. This is important because sports drinks are loaded with sugar. Sugar can create cavities, as we’re sure you have already heard. So, please avoid drinking sports drinks and stick to drinking water. If this isn’t possible, make sure to rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking the sports drink.

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