Basic First Aid for a Pediatric Dental Trauma

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Small children can sometimes be accident prone. Vigorous play and a growing body can lead to accidental slips and falls. In some of these moments, a hard blow to the mouth can damage a child’s teeth and soft oral tissues.

In a situation like this, you may likely need to apply some basic first aid measures while seeking emergency treatment from a dentists like Dr. Bryce Searle or Dr. Bruce Murdock.

Children often take cues from the mood of their caregiver. Even if the child is emotionally distressed, it’s important to remain calm and reassuring.

If they have blood or random debris in their mouth, you might be able to clear it away with a gentle rinse with a little lukewarm saltwater. It might also help give you a better view of their mouth. If they have blood or dirt on their face you can gently wipe it away with a warm wetted washcloth.

Early signs of swelling might be addressed by gently applying a cold compress or a bag of frozen vegetables. Carefully rubbing a small amount of topical oral analgesic on nearby cheek or gums might also help minimize discomfort.

Once you arrive at Murdock & Searle Family Dentistry our dentists and staff will perform a quick examination to assess the severity of trauma to teeth and soft oral tissues. Then we will explain the possible treatment options.

If you are in the American Fork, Utah, area and your child needs oral trauma emergency treatment, you should call 801-756-4595 to set up an appointment with Dr. Bryce Searle and Dr. Bruce Murdock.